The Maicass metal seats with tube and steel rob structure confirm the dunctionalist approach of the collection for a result  of great ergonomics and a graphic effect of increasing lightness,available both in the versions in ash plywood or with upholstered shell,the stools have a rob frame and a low back.

The functionalist approach,the ergionomic shaoe and the graphic effect of extreme lightness represent the salient features of it .also in its new lounge version,the solid wood,the painted tube,the multilayer upholstered shell,each component expresses its function,all parts are designed to be produced in a simple way and to compose solidly with each other, the generous size of the lounge accentuates the versatile soul amd tje cjaracter pf re;axed composure.the rectilinear progi;es thar outline its profile and the clean and rigorous surfaces that conceal its welcoming character make it neat and airy.lounge has a steel tube structure ,the shell is padded,it’s possible to chopse the finished,to meet the most different persinalization meeds.

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